19 April 2014

Jalan Jalan Sarajevo 21 March - 28 March 2014


My apology for leaving the blog for quite sometime.....

Due to unforseen circumstances at 
AEON Big Shopping Mall as it's under renovation, I've decided not to import any goods at the moment.
We are doing clearance sale for ready stock....


I've just come back from Sarajevo,
Bosnia Herzegovina and Istanbul, Turkey. 
The most significant visit for me was to Sarajevo as 
my hubby was serving in Sarajevo in 1995 with MALBATT IV during the Bosnian war in 1990's for nearly a year.  
The Malaysian troops were serving under 
the banner of United Nation (UNPROFOR).

As an army officer's wife who is serving at the war zone of course I was worried about his well being in Sarajevo. 
Day & Night I prayed for him & his colleague's safety.
During those years Bosnia and Herzegovina was too far to reach
& a foreign land to me...Bosnia was a war thorn country...
too little that I know of this country then.... 

Years had passed...after those sleepless nights...so much were said and done....
I'm in Sarajevo at lasts.....

via Abu Dhabi International Airport

Sarajevo - Part 1

Alhamdulillah....smooth landing from KLIA by Etihad Air 
at the Abu Dhabi International Airport
 can be viewed from the touch screen LCD Monitor
Transit....Me (Amy) & Friend Aina
at the Abu Dhabi International Airport
Feeling Excited....my dotter Alia & Aina's son Harith & Hadzim
Window Shopping at Abu Dhabi International Airport 
Duty Free Shops 
while waiting aboard flight to Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina.....

Waiting to board Turkish Airlines to Sarajevo
Dotter Alia, Me & Hubby (Kapt.(r)Halim Hashim)
Greetings from Bosnian friends....
From Left - Right : Hajmuddin Pezo, 

me, my hubby Halim,
Akia,Elmer, Azizan (Ainas's hubby) 

Aina & Harith
A breath of fresh air after a tiring journey...

Sarajevo In Brief

Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is the country largest city and served as its administrative, economic, cultural, university & sport center. The area that Sarajevo occupies has been continuously inhabited since the prehistoric period. 
It became a city with the arrival of the Ottomans in the 15th century and the capital of independent BiH in 1992. Sarajevo has always connected East & West thus creating a unique blend of history, culture and heritage.
Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats, Jews, Roma & other ethnic groups live in Sarajevo. The religions represent are Islam, Christian Orthodoxy, Catholicism & Judaism.
Our accommodation at Sarajevo 
Hotel Villa Orient
Alia & Emma the hotel employee
Weather 4C....COOOLLL.....
Early morning walked after breakfast....
Hawkers selling fresh vegetables & fruits 

along the streets.
Background are residence & villas up on the hilltop.
What I noticed from the local people....
they knows about Malaysia a lot

& they appreciated Malaysia 
contribution to their country during 
the Bosnian war in the 90's....
the only barrier is communication as the official languages 
are Bosnian, Serbian & Croatian....
It is good to have a translator if you wish to visit Sarajevo...
A walked at Bascarsija..... is the heart of old Sarajevo. 
It's foundation were laid in 1462 and by the mid-16th century. 
Bascarsija had reach it's height.
Today, only a portion of the once great bazaar remains, 
but walking along its cobblestone streets 
gives a glimpse into the Ottoman past.

Store owner selling goods to visitors

Aina & family
My Hubby Halim & Mirhat a Bosnian friend
A Museum
A street of Bacarsija.....

Sarajevans coming out to dine, relax and enjoy
good coffee, good atmosphere & 
fresh air.....
"Wonderful Experienced to Cherished"

Bascarsija is a colourful market area of narrow streets, broad squares, mosques and cafés. Curciluk Mali along with another bazaar Curciluk Veliki 
formed the longest market street in the old town....
Stores selling traditional Bosnian handicraft such as handmade sweaters, gloves, scarfs and toys made by Bosnian women. It is also a popular place for tourists to buy local craft,carpet and antiques . Some of the best handmade gifts in town can be found here. Most of the souvenir shops offer mugs, t-shirts, jewelry postcards, copper, coffee sets and serving dishes and trays shops make Bascarsija a great place for wandering, looking, and no doubt buying something to take home with you.

In the center of Bacarsija is Sebilj
(from Arabic word depicting a kiosk-like public fountain) 
design by the Czech architect Alexander Vitek
Me & Dotter Alia posing at Sebilj the heart of Bascarsija.....

 Vedad & his father Mirdad Kazanziluk
a Bosnian muslims are the owner of a
Traditional arts & craft shop in Sarajevo.
Alia & the gang, a snap with Vedad. 
Vedad gladly mentioned that our former Prime Minister
Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
visited his craft shop after the war.
As a proved he showed a pic. of him & Tun's

 displayed at the shop.
Everywhere you go in Sarajevo....you will be greeted
 "Assamualaikum Malaysia"
from the Muslim dealers there......
Hadzim received free gift from a shop  owner...a "tarbus"
Ggrrrrrr....Hungry.....Hungry....time for lunch....
While we we here, it would be a shame 
not to try tasty local dishes
some of which only can be eaten in this city.... 
Lunch....Burek, pastries with various fillings 
such as beef, spinach,chicken, onion & garlic, cheese etc are famous dishes in Sarajevo.
The name....if translated to BM will bear a different meaning to our mind...hohoho but these fast food were yummmyyy.....
Traditional Bosnian fast food...Burek available at all 
Buregdzinica Bosna

An authentic door and door-knocker looked like
 in Bosnia through the centuries. These is a favourite gift
by the Bosnians to their foreigner friends...

The Antique Shop

Antique telephone Made of Marble

Antique Clocks....

Souvenirs....spoon made of copper & silver


Fridge Magnets

Me, Dotter Alia & Aina
Gazi Husrev-Bey's Mosque is the most important Islamic house
 of worship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
Constructed in 1531, it was left to the city 
by Gazi Husrev-Bey the Ottoman ruler of Bosnia.

Non Stop....Water flowing  from Gazi Husrev-Bey's Mosque pipe.
 It is customary to drink some water here
so that your return to Sarajevo is assured...

Bulletin Board at Gazi Husrev-Bey's Mosque

Fresh flowers can be seen along the streets.....

Oil Paintings & Framed Pictures

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