5 April 2012

BEAMISH - THE LIVING MUSEUM OF THE NORTH..... While waiting for the shipment to arrive let me share with you my nostalgic feeling during my visit to Beamish Town........

This is Beamish Town which is located on the North East of  England. It is a 100 year 
old English town which has been preserved to meet with the town's 100 year old status .
Being in this town during my visit to UK brings back  the fond memories of  "a little paradise of mine" together with my parents  and siblings in
my childhood town of Sg. Lembing in Kuantan, Pahang.
Sg. Lembing was a tin mining town managed by a British company that is PCCL (Pahang Consolidated
Co. Ltd) which operated in the 1950's - 1980's. My late father was a clerk at the company's General Office until he retired in the 80's . We lived in the company's quarters then .
The household items we used daily at that time such as crockeries, cooking utensils and furniture were  provided by PCCL for their employees and brought in  to Sg. Lembing from England & I found most of these things on display at the Beamish Town. The replicas of food stuffs on display such as biscuits , chocolates and even the cigarettes labels were so familiar to us .
So, my visit to this town is like walking down memory lane.....I think my childhood friends or residents or former residents of the little but interesting town of Sg. Lembing ( commonly known as Spear River among my childhood friends ) would understand my nostalgic feeling of this   place...and as well i wish to share these pics with those who visit my blog too , tq

Map of The Beamish Town
The train which took us around The Beamish Town .
A view of The Beamish Town on a cold Autumn day .
This is the old school building there .
School boards were set up in England and Wales under the Elementary Education Act 1870 .
School boards were created in boroughs and parishes under the Act. Education was still not free of fees. Members were directly elected, not appointed by borough councils or parishes.
Notices and infos for the visitors  on the wall of the school building .

Entrance to Beamish School....notice the crepe paper used for decoration similar to the one we used in the 1960's..hehehe

My dotter Alia n my fren's dotter in the school classroom . 
Note the "Papan Batu"
they used in the olden days....
Me n my dotter Alia taking a rest on a wooden bench after visiting 
the various places in The Beamish Town .
Country road .....take me home to the place where I belong......lyrics from a John Denver song ...

School children visiting The Beamish Town .
My sis Ruby taking a snap with an old and huge red brick building in the background .
Accessible bus at the town.
The typical English red post office letter box .

An old office punch card machine.

An old bicycle

A provision shop .
Replicas of foodstuffs.
Replicas of various kinds of biscuits which we had during our childhood days .
During my school days I called the round ones " Biskut Mary..."
 Anyway I notice most of them are still in market until now . 
Replicas of sweets and candies . Yummy ! yummy!

Traditional way of preparing chocolate back then .

Notice the copper kitchen utensils used for blending the chocolate in traditional chocolate making in The Beamish town .
More  food stuffs used by the British decades ago .
Me and hubby....resting & enjoying the cool breezee...he...he...

Old electric switches .
Green fields of The Beamish Town although it was autumn and the weather was very cold and the wind was coooool...... 

The Cart Shed - Carriages for hire as transport back then .

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